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Your vehicle's tires are an important component of your driving experience. To continue enjoying comfortable and relaxing journeys in your Land Rover Range Rover or Land Rover Discovery, you'll want to ensure that your vehicle receives regular tire maintenance. Learn more about the tire services we offer at our Land Rover service center near Manchester before scheduling your next appointment today.

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When you bring your luxury SUV to Land Rover Bedford, you can feel confident knowing that your vehicle is in good hands. Our experienced technicians strive to get your vehicle safely back on the roads with tires ready to handle your every adventure.

We perform thorough tire inspections to determine if they're up for the continued task of tackling your daily drives and weekend excursions. We also offer tire rotations to help you create even tread wear across your set of tires. Plus, if you need a new set of seasonal tires or a replacement, we can help you find an option that perfectly fits your specific model.

What are the Benefits of Regular Tire Maintenance?

Servicing your vehicle's tires regularly ensures you continue to enjoy a stress-free driving experience around Londonderry and beyond. When you ignore the health of your tires, you may run into issues, including bothersome flat tires and dangerous blowouts. Plus, with excessive wear and tear, you'll have trouble gripping the roads in poor weather conditions or rough terrain. Regular tire maintenance can reduce the strain on your vehicle's suspension and prolong the overall life of your vehicle.

Know Your Tire Size and Style

If you're looking to purchase or replace a tire, you'll need to know the style and size that fits your specific Land Rover model. The easiest way to determine what you need is to read the string of letters and numbers listed on your current tire's sidewall. This can tell you important information, including:

  • Tire type
  • Tire width
  • Aspect ratio
  • Construction type
  • Wheel diameter
  • Load index
  • Speed rating

If you can't find these details or are unsure if they're correct, our Land Rover experts can help you find the new tires that best fit your vehicle.

Read your Land Rover tire information

Land Rover worn tires

When Should You Replace Your Tires?

While excessive wear and tear is an obvious sign that your tires need to be replaced, there are other telltale issues that can signify that it's time. While tackling your daily drives, you'll want to keep an eye out for some of these key signs, including:

  • Exposure - If your tires have been recently exposed to high heat or freezing temperatures, they may have received some damage. You'll want to thoroughly inspect them to determine if they're still in good condition.
  • Tire age - Even if you don't notice anything else wrong with your tires, many manufacturers recommend getting a new set every six to ten years. You'll want to explore the details of your specific model in your driver's manual.
  • Driving performance - If you notice any issues with braking or traction when behind the wheel, this could be a warning that your tire tread is wearing down.
  • Irregular tread wear - When you notice irregular tread wear throughout your tires, it could be a sign that your vehicle is suffering from improper tire pressure or wheel misalignment. This may also be fixed by a tire rotation.
  • Bulges or bubbles in the sidewall - You'll find this damage when the internal frame of your tire is damaged or cracked. This causes air pressure to leak into the outer layers of the tire. This is commonly a result of large potholes or low tire pressure.

How to Tell if Your Tires are Worn

Over time, your Land Rover's tires are going to wear from driving. Driving with worn tires can reduce your traction in slippery weather conditions and increase the likelihood of a blowout or accident. You'll want to regularly check your tire tread to determine when they need to be replaced.

The Penny Test

Tread depth is measured in 32nds of an inch. New tires usually have a tread depth measuring 10/32 inches or 11/32 inches - about a third of an inch. If your bring home your Land Rover with winter tires, you can expect your tires to have a deeper tread. As a rule of thumb, the U.S. Department of Transportation recommends replacing your tires when their depth reaches 2/32 inches. Using just a penny, you can test your tread depth quickly and easily.

  • Place your penny into the tire tread groove with Lincoln's head face first into the groove.
  • Check where Lincoln's face is within the grooves.
  • If his head disappears, your tread is still above the 2/32 mark.
  • If you can see some of Lincoln's face, you'll want to proceed with caution and start thinking about purchasing new tires and scheduling a tire change.
  • If you can see all of his face, it's time to replace your tire.
  • Repeat these steps on each tire and in different areas.

You can also invest in a tread depth gauge or tread wear indicator bars for an alternative to the penny test.

Check your Land Rover tire depth

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If you're ready to service your vehicle's tires, we invite you to visit our Land Rover dealership near Salem today. Our dedicated staff will be standing by to provide you with more information and help you schedule your next service appointment with our experienced Land Rover technicians.

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